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Every pair you buy means you're also buying a pair for a front-line superhero! Details below!

Show your love, support, and appreciation for our front-line superheroes with these awesome superhero socks! For every pair you buy, we'll give a free pair to a random front-line superhero along with a note from you thanking them, like so:

Pretty cool, right?

Please note that you do not get to choose who your free pair(s) go to. We will be putting boxes together, signing cards by hand, and sending them to hospitals and care facilities. If you want to make sure your favourite superhero gets a pair, purchase some to send to that person and we'll make sure a second superhero gets a pair as well. If you want to place a large order (30+ pairs) for your local superheroes, please contact us to set it up.

Designed by Jessica Phillips.

Made from 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex.