CART Sock Rocket

We've been shipping our custom socks all summer and the reviews are music to our feet. Starting this fall, you'll be able to purchase socks directly from our website. Don't worry though, we'll always have the sock of the month program...

The OG Collection

So exclusive there's only one pair so far.

sock rocket original design

OG Sock Rocket

These are the absolute original Sock Rocket socks. They represent all that Sock Rocket is: bright, colourful, fun, and purpose-driven. Sock Rocket was created for two reasons. 1) So you can have awesome socks to wear, socks that will put a smile on your face and on the faces of those around you. 2) So that we can basically crowd-fund donations for those in need. Every pair of socks you buy means one pair of socks ends up on the feet of someone who really needs them.

In Honour of All Grandparents

If we're lucky enough, our grandparents have a huge part in shaping who we are, even if we know them for but a short time. My grandparents were no different, and this collection pays tribute to the wonderful things they taught me to love. I hope you can wear them in honour of your own grandparents, and whoever else helped make you who you are.

sock rocket paint design

Louis's Painting

Louis, my grandfather, was a free spirit and a wonderful man. A good father, a romantic, a woodworker, a gardener, and sometimes even a painter, he lived life with a care-free and unapologetic attitude that he ultimately passed on to me. He once took heavy lines of paint to an empty board, and turned it on its side to let it drip and dry. The result was a quick and dirty piece of artwork that he could enjoy as his own. 50 years later, his creation is depicted on a pair of socks. He wouldn't have cared if you hated his painting, and he wouldn't care if you hated these socks.

sock rocket paint design

Bev's Heart and Soul

Beverley was my fun and loving grandmother. Though I only had a half dozen or so summers with her, they were times to look forward to. She (along with my grandfather) taught my brother and I to play golf in the field across from their house, and passed it on to my dad to teach us to love it. She made the most amazing pancakes too, wow. You think you know, but you don't know. She loved card games, and we spent hours sitting on the floor playing all kinds of things. The most important thing she taught us though, was to love music and to love creating music. She taught us (as best you can teach children) to play the piano and to enjoy creating music. This is a lesson we cherish and still hold close today, as our music love has thrived and our ability to create it has extended far beyond the piano. Depicted on these socks is the sheet music for the first verse of Heart and Soul, originally by Hoagy Carmichael. It was the first song she taught us, and hearing it takes me right back to her living room.

sock rocket paint design

Ellen's Garden

Ellen, wife to the ever-talented Louis, was my grandmother and first culinary influence. In the hot and humid Quebec summer, she and Louis grew tomatoes, carrots, beans, peas, radishes, greens, and anything else that would grow. I look to them for confidence now as I begin my own journey with gardening. She made delicious roasts, delectable cakes, and more cookies than I ever knew what to do with, but my strongest memories are of the food that came straight from the garden; you have not had a tomato until you've' eaten one right off the vine. She taught me to love and appreciate flavour, to experiment with confidence, and to crave the love and togetherness of a delicious, home-cooked meal.

sock rocket paint design

Fred's Curiosity

Theodor, aka Fred, aka "Mr Alligator", who turned stop signs around to keep traffic under control, was my Grandfather and introduction to many of my favourite things in life. For starters, he brought me to the park across from their home in suburban Montreal, put a golf club in my hands, and asked me nicely not to hit his house. 25 summers later I'm still trying not to hit houses. When we weren't busy with golf we would drive into the city and watch the trains. I'm not sure how that started, but it turned into a frequent event. We'd sit at the old main line crossing in Pointe Claire for hours and watch freight and passenger trains rumble by. To this day, a train sighting is an opportunity to pull over and take a break. I count the wagons and my thoughts drift back to the park, the golf course, the train crossing, and Mr Alligator.

Fall 2018

6 new designs are on the way this fall! We've teamed up with local artist Jessica Phillips for the first round, and we have another few rounds planned for winter and spring. Keep an eye out for funky socks and for your opportunity to submit designs!

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