CART Sock Rocket

We donate socks every month for each pair you get. Buy a 12 month sock subscription and we'll donate 12 pairs to agencies throughout Canada.

Sock Rocket is an effort to provide warm socks to those who need them most, while at the same time providing colourful awesomeness to Canadians. We're a sock of the month club, based in Canada and selling subscriptions from Tofino to St John's to Tuktoyaktuk.

Who wants to go to the store and shop? What century is this? We get it. We do the shopping for you and deliver your socks straight to your mailbox every month. Plus, for each pair of socks we sell, we donate a brand new pair of socks to a local agency helping Canadians in need.

As Easy-Peasy As It Gets

You can be the proud owner of a brand new monthly sock subscription for the following amounts of Canadian currency:

One Pair

Monthly: $13

3 Months: $39

6 Months: $75

12 Months: $144

Two Pairs

Monthly: $25

3 Months: $75

6 Months: $144

12 Months: $275

Be part of our sock club! Just follow these super complicated (sarcasm) 2 steps:

Pick your subscription length and the number of pairs you'd like to receive each month, then head on over to the virtual checkout counter.

Return to whatever you were doing 30 seconds ago and wait for awesome socks to show up at your door each month for you to unwrap and love.

Get Started

Give The Gift Of Style

Or lack there of...

It goes without saying that membership in this exclusive club makes an excellent gift. Here are just a few examples of situations where a Sock Rocket subscription would fit nicely, see if they sound familiar:

  • It's Christmas!!! Malls? No thank you. Winter in Canada is hard enough, you want to sit on your couch. Online shopping is the now. Get some.
  • You're an employer who wants her/his employees to feel loved, while at the same time thinking, "My boss is super rad; what an awesome and forward-thinking workspace!"
  • It's gift time for that human in your life whom you're not sure what to get. You know they love convenience and that they enjoy a modest compliment on their wearables.
  • You've noticed that your significant other's socks are constantly full of holes, or worse, they have that familiar odor of an article that's seen better days.
  • You're that human who always waits until the last minute to pick up a "whatever" for your family member's birthday and you're tired of the self-imposed shame. You need this.
Gift It!