Hello awesome human! Your friends at STRAAD have bought you a random pair of amazing socks for the Holidays! Simply add the below product, "Random Awesome Socks" to your cart and go through the checkout process, adding the promo code they've provided you, and voila, a random pair of awesome socks will show up at your door from STRAAD!

The best part is that Sock Rocket is a social enterprise that donates THREE pairs for every pair we sell, so your random pair of awesome socks also means three pairs will be donated to agencies and initiatives helping those in need. Win Win Win!

Random Awesome Socks

Random Awesome Socks


There's plenty more awesome socks where these came from! Feel free to browse our site and pick up some very cool holiday gifts while you're here. We've donated almost 200,000 pairs of socks to over 100 different agencies and initiatives across Canada and the USA, and there's no end in sight!

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