sock rocket custom socks for Eeva
High quality custom socks by sock rocket for Eeva

About the project

Describe your organization:

eeva is an early-stage tech startup that is committed to enhancing your quality of life by delivering intelligent and intuitive lifestyle management solutions. Simply put: Your life, simplified and organized in one app.

What made you choose Sock Rocket?

The fun branding, the clear product offering and the easy channels of communication. That was what triggered me to reach out, and I was sold once I learned that you could do mismatched socks (which was the entire premise of our project).

How was the product quality and customer service?

Product quality was great! The socks can be a bit too large for women, but we were thrilled with the overall experience and product quality.

"We get AMAZING reactions when we show people."

How we delivered:

What did you use the socks for? Did people enjoy receiving them?

It's (still) part of a marketing campaign. Our whole ethos is creating order out of chaos, so mismatched socks play right into that. We want to embrace the chaos, and what looks more chaotic than drastically different socks that are meant to be worn together? We get AMAZING reactions when we show people. They've been a real hit!

What was your favorite thing about the whole experience?

Tommy was great! He understood the vision and the concept, and leaned into the chaotic nature of what we were going for. He was also super diligent about updating us.

Do you have anything else to share?

Not that I can think of. It was a great experience, I plan on ordering from you again if we have the needs & funds. I might just ask if there is a small size available :)

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Custom branded socks for Eeva

Did we mention Eeva also donated 600 pairs of socks with their purchase?

Sock Rocket is Perfect For:

Customer / Client Giveaways

Brand Awareness Marketing

Employee Appreciation

University Groups and Programs

Fundraising Material

Event Handouts and Prizes

Sports Teams

Promotional Swag

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Community is Key

We are a Canadian company making the world a better place through funky custom socks. Since Sock Rocket started in 2016, we've donated almost 500,000 pairs of socks to organizations all over Canada and the USA providing clothing to those in need.

Support local, and be confident knowing you're getting some of the best custom branded swag you could ever hope for, while at the same time helping agencies provide much-needed warmth.

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Common Questions

Lead time varies based on the quantity of your order, but 6 weeks is pretty standard.

We take care of everything from design to delivery. All you need to do is provide your ideas, vision, and any logo/graphic files you'd like included. We'll provide mockups for you to review and ulimited revisions, all free of charge!

We have sliding scale pricing based on the quantity of your order, but generally you can expect to pay between $9 and $13 per pair (CAD). Fill out the form to get in touch and we'll respond with our custom sock info pack, which has all the pricing details.

You can and you will! Your custom designed labels are free with whatever quantity of socks you purchase. We'll work with you to make sure your messaging, branding, and contact info are on point.

It's free!! The socks are the only thing you pay for - your designs, revisions, labels, samples, and shipping are all on us!

You betcha!! For every pair of socks you order, we'll donate three warm pairs to agencies and initiatives providing clothing to those in need. This is a cost that we carry, but it's something you get to promote to your audience alongside the stardard awesomeness of your new custom socks!

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