sock rocket custom socks for Great Country Consulting
High quality custom socks by sock rocket for Great Country Consulting

About the project

Describe your organization:

Great Country Consulting works exclusively with First Nation and other Indigenous organizations. Our management consulting services are aimed at helping this organizations succeed with their goals and overcome the various challenges placed on them.

What made you choose Sock Rocket?

I’ve been a fan of Sock Rocket and the social-enterprise business model for many years. Also, my Indigenous clients all have strong cultural values regarding supporting the community around them – so I wanted my business to reflect those same values by working with like-minded suppliers. Plus the designs are really cool!

How was the product quality and customer service?

Sock Rocket made it very easy. I simply provided a logo and the design team came back quickly with 3 distinct options that I would have never thought-up myself. The end products matched the mock-ups exactly so there were no surprises, and the quality of the socks themselves is great.

"I’ve been a fan of Sock Rocket and the social-enterprise business model for many years."

How we delivered:

What did you use the socks for? Did people enjoy receiving them?

My client is a First Nation that is surrounded by the oil and gas industry. Their offices are filled with branded merchandise that they receive as gifts from these companies. So rather than doing the same thing with socks bearing the Great Country Consulting logo, I wanted to honor them and place their logo on the socks instead. Also – socks aren’t a common giveaway (compared to hats and tops) so I wanted it to be something that stood-out. I gave the first batch to the Chief and Council members, and staff members that I work with as a way to thank them for their business. They became so popular, that I ordered another batch and gifted the whole order to them so that they could distribute the socks to members of the community and their close business partners.

What was your favorite thing about the whole experience?

It’s probably 2 things. The look of delight on my clients’ faces to see their logo on the socks (vs. yet another company), and just how cool the design was. The other favorite thing was going around to the local charity organizations that are near and dear to my client. I donated the socks to these charities in the name of my client, and brought representatives of my client with me to do the presentation.

Do you have anything else to share?

Please keep doing the excellent work that you’re doing!!

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Custom branded socks for Great Country Consulting

Did we mention Great Country Consulting also donated 1200 pairs of socks with their purchase?

Sock Rocket is Perfect For:

Customer / Client Giveaways

Brand Awareness Marketing

Employee Appreciation

University Groups and Programs

Fundraising Material

Event Handouts and Prizes

Sports Teams

Promotional Swag

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Community is Key

We are a Canadian company making the world a better place through funky custom socks. Since Sock Rocket started in 2016, we've donated over 450,000 pairs of socks to organizations all over Canada and the USA providing clothing to those in need.

When you work with us, you get to choose the agency your donation socks go to. Support local, and be confident knowing you're getting some of the best custom branded swag you could ever hope for, while at the same time helping agencies provide much-needed warmth.

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It's free!! The socks are the only thing you pay for - your designs, revisions, labels, samples, and shipping are all on us!

You betcha!! For every pair of socks you order, we'll donate three warm pairs to agencies and initiatives providing clothing to those in need. This is a cost that we carry, but it's something you get to promote to your audience alongside the stardard awesomeness of your new custom socks!

custom branded socks by sock rocket