sock rocket custom socks for Summit Nanotech
High quality custom socks by sock rocket for Summit Nanotech

About the project

Describe your organization:

Summit Nanotech Corporation is a Calgary-based cleantech organization transforming how the world accesses lithium for the global energy transition. Through their proprietary and sustainable direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology, Summit Nanotech is preserving natural resources and optimizing operations for lithium producers in South America. Learn more at

What made you choose Sock Rocket?

Commitment to local charity support; Calgary-based startup; personal connection to the Founder.

How was the product quality and customer service?

Fantastic. They are the most comfortable ‘fun’ socks I own, even compared to larger, better-known brands.

"They are the most comfortable ‘fun’ socks I own."

How we delivered:

What did you use the socks for? Did people enjoy receiving them?

We gave the socks to employees as part of our corporate Christmas present. We commonly see employees wearing them both inside and outside of the office – they appear to really like them!

What was your favorite thing about the whole experience?

Customizing the graphics was easy, and the whole process from initial outreach to final delivery was just simple and tidy. Plus, it was workable within our budget which is key since we are still in the startup phase and need to be disciplined with where we spend capital.

Do you have anything else to share?

As usual, fantastic product and service. We love our Summit socks. Thank you!

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Custom branded socks for Summit Nanotech

Did we mention Summit Nanotech also donated 300 pairs of socks with their purchase?

Sock Rocket is Perfect For:

Customer / Client Giveaways

Brand Awareness Marketing

Employee Appreciation

University Groups and Programs

Fundraising Material

Event Handouts and Prizes

Sports Teams

Promotional Swag

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We are a Canadian company making the world a better place through funky custom socks. Since Sock Rocket started in 2016, we've donated almost 300,000 pairs of socks to organizations all over Canada and the USA providing clothing to those in need.

Support local, and be confident knowing you're getting some of the best custom branded swag you could ever hope for, while at the same time helping agencies provide much-needed warmth.

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Common Questions

Lead time varies based on the quantity of your order. Four weeks is possible for tighter timelines and smaller orders, and 6-8 weeks is pretty standard for larger orders.

We take care of everything from design to delivery. All you need to do is provide your ideas, vision, and any logo/graphic files you'd like included. We'll provide mockups for you to review and suggest changes to, all free of charge!

We have sliding scale pricing based on the quantity of your order, but generally you can expect to pay between $8-12 per pair (CAD). Fill out the form to get in touch and we'll respond with our custom sock info pack, which has all the pricing details.

Absolutely. We can create a label for your awesome socks with your branding, or you can go with no label. The choice is yours!

You betcha!! For every pair of socks you order, we'll donate three warm pairs to agencies and initiatives providing clothing to those in need. This is a cost that we carry, but it's something you get to promote to your audience alongside the stardard awesomeness of your new custom socks!

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