Custom socks for charity

Interested in running a fundraiser for your initiative? No matter the scale, we're here to help make it a success! Socks can produce excellent fundraising results. They're simple, fun, and unique, and most importantly, they're affordable. It's easy to convince your audience to support your cause when they get an awesome pair of branded socks to commemorate the donation and bolster a sense of pride in community.

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Let's make our story YOUR story

Since 2016, we've been designing, building, and selling awesome socks, and donating three pairs for every pair we produce. We believe that any improvement, no matter how small, matters! That gives us a unique perspective on your fundraising initiative, and allows us to help you with the process, not just design your custom socks (but we'll gladly do that also).

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Benefits of a Sock Fundraiser

You have an awesome cause and you want to garner support and raise funds. Socks are an AMAZING way to tell your story and give someone a fun incentive to donate.

Raise Funds

Spread Happiness

Give Back

How To Launch Your Own Fundraiser

Step 1: Fill Out Our Form

Let’s get to know each other! The first step to creating your socks is you reaching out to let us know you're interested.

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Step 2: Discovery Call

Our team will contact you to learn more about your story, vision for the socks, and goals for the fundraiser. We'll also discuss custom labels, timelines, and pricing.

Step 3: Review + Enjoy!

The review process is quick and easy - phew! No really, it usually only takes about 10 minutes (yes, we're efficient). Here we ensure your design visions are met, and make any revisions as needed. Now you just wait for your awesome socks to show up at your door!

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Get free design mockups and unlimited changes - no charge, no obligation.

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Frequently Asked

Lead time varies based on the quantity of your order, but 6 weeks is pretty standard.

Absolutely. We've worked with dozens of charities, NPOs, and grassroots organizations to design and build awesome socks for resale during a fundraiser. We're here to support your efforts!

We have variable pricing for non-profits and charities. We're open to working within your budget, so let's start a conversation!

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